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Calling all heroes and Half-Bloods!
Since the world discovered Camp Half-Blood, teens everywhere have found that they, too, have powers from the gods. There has been a rumor that a new camp for those with godlike abilities was created somewhere in Michigan. All we know is that it is hidden in a State Park. We need your help locating the new camp to ensure the safety of all half-bloods in Michigan.
Follow the clues to the Quest written by the fates. It is up to you!
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magnifying glassLabor 5 hint 1: This word is one of the four seasons and a type of water.

If you came from the quest looking for this clue, you can return to the Quest using your "go back" option to go back to the previous page or tab. This clue is part of MiLibraryQuest: Summer 2024 a virtual escape room for teens.  To participate in the Quest, visit https://milibraryquest.wixsite.com/quest1