Muskegon Area District Library Storyville Logo 2022

Storyvilles are early literacy, child-sized villages where children (ages 0-5) and their parents/caregivers can let their imaginations run wild! Each village helps children have fun while preparing for kindergarten by focusing on playing, reading, singing, talking, and writing. Storyvilles are located in the Montague, Muskegon Heights, Norton Shores, and Ravenna MADL branches. 

Montague Branch
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At Schneider Beach, play in the yellow submarine or spy something around the library through the periscope. Walk in the lake to climb the fish and the turtles. Learn about your favorite seasons in the weather zone and check out the weather vane. Explore light, gravity, and motion on the interactive tables. Best of all, enjoy a book anywhere in the village!

Muskegon Heights Branch
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Enjoy reading on the front porch in the Muskegon Heights Neighborhood. Enjoy fruits and vegetables like never before. Crawl inside a carrot to read. Enjoy making a meal or playing with the refrigerator magnets in the kitchen. Crawl through the pet door to go into the garden. In the garden you can plant vegetables or pick apples off of a tree. 

Norton Shores Branch
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Crawl or walk into the Hines Baby Garden for some safe, fun play and reading. Infants will love crawling through the caterpillar or over lady bugs, and pulling themselves up on colorful flowers. Early learners will be amazed with the nature-like insects and outdoor scenery.

Steer the boat, ‘MAX’, in Olthoff Bay. Fish for words or read in the lighthouse. Play in the Camp Store. You can shop, weigh items, or learn about money while being the cashier. You can even run your own ice cream shop! Before you go, don’t forget to grab a book and read on the porch.

Ravenna Branch
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Come visit Bulldog Acres to play and learn all around the farm. Engage in creative play at the veterinarian's office. Settle on the pickle bench to read some books together. Crawl and explore your way through the white pine forest, and find your way back to the farm just in time for some planting.