In order to provide a safe, educational, and fun experience for you and your children, please note the following guidelines

  • Muskegon Storyville Villages are designed for children from birth to age 5. Please make other arrangements for older children. They are welcome to use anything else in the library. Parental supervision is required at all times.  Children from 6-12 are welcome to use the library, as long as they are supervised.
  • Always check in at the reference desk. We follow a one adult to three children ratio to promote active engagement.
  • To preserve a clean and sanitary environment, please do not bring any food or drink into a Storyville Village. Nursing or bottle-feeding of infants is permitted.
  • The Hines Baby Garden (Norton Shores only) is reserved for babies who are not yet walking and their adult caregivers.
  • Laptops and tablets are not allowed in the villages. Please silence your mobile devices and take phone conversations outside of the Storyville Village.
  • Help maintain a safe and healthy environment by keeping sick children at home.
  • If an adult or child(ren) need to leave the village for an extended period of time, please check out. Upon your return, please check in again. There may be a waiting list. Potty breaks are allowed and do not require checking out.
  • Storyville closes 30 minutes prior to library closing time.
  • Have fun playing with your child(ren)! These are teachable moments that will prepare your child for success in school.
For a printable version of these guidlines download the printable pdf