Library for the Visually and Physically Disabled

LVPD Program and MaterialsDigital player and  cartridge caseThe Muskegon Area District Library for the Visually and Physically Disabled (LVPD) provides a variety of materials mailed to qualified users in both Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. This completely FREE program is federally and state funded for those who cannot read regular print due to visual or physical disabilities. 

Talking BooksTalking Books are audio books available through this program. They are stored on a cartridge about the size of an index card and are mailed individually in hard plastic cases. Through the LVPD, you have access to over 90,000 titles, including some of the newest titles. Due to recording times, the materials are typically about three to four months behind the commercial market.

When you sign up for the Talking Book program, you provide us your favorite authors and genres, which helps us to select books. You can also call or email the library to request specific book titles and authors. To look for books online, you can search our Talking Book catalog.  To access the catalog you will need to log in using your email and a password that you set up with the LVPD Librarian. Please call 231-737-6310 or Contact Us to set this up.

Once you choose what you would like, next is deciding how often to have books delivered. Unless otherwise specified, we will send books whenever one is returned. Books can also be sent weekly, monthly, or when you call to request them. To return them, simply flip the address card located in the mail case and put the Talking Book into your mailbox.

Talking Book PlayersFor the talking book program, we provide digital players that are about the size of a hard cover book and have large colored buttons of different shapes. For power, the players charge from the wall via a cord or use the charged battery for up to 29 hours. You can keep the player for as long as you need it or until a replacement is necessary.
There is also supplementary equipment provided for those that need it, such as:

  • Headphones
  • Pillow Speakers
  • Breath Switches
  • Amplified Players

An application is required to receive an amplified player for those with severe hearing loss. For more information about this player, or to request an application, contact the LVPD.

Braille BooksOnce qualified for this program, you also qualify to have Braille books mailed free to your home. Patrons can have up to five Braille titles at a time.

A variety of magazines are available in Large Print, Talking Book, and Braille formats. To see what is available, you can download the magazine order form (PDF), and then mail it or contact the LVPD to start receiving your magazines.

Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD)BARD App on Mobile PhoneBARD is a free web-based program available for all LVPD patrons. Once registered for BARD, you can download audiobooks, magazines, and more from the database to a flash drive. This flash drive plugs into the digital player and plays the download. You can also access BARD via an app on a smart device, such as a smart phone or tablet. For more information contact the LVPD or visit the National Library Service (NLS) BARD webpage.

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