Library for the Visually and Physically Disabled

Assistive Technology Computer LabAt the Muskegon Area District Library for the Visually and Physically Disabled we have an assistive technology computer lab and many forms of adaptive technology for you to use. 

Adaptive Technology WorkstationOur lab is equipped with:
  • Large screen monitors
  • Trackball mice
  • Adjustable height tables
  • High contrast keyboards
  • Keyboards with Bump Dots
  • ZoomText Fusion Software
  • ZoomText Screen Enlarger
  • JAWS Screen Reader

Adaptive Tech RoomWorkstation with Document Camera and Speech Recognition softwareLocated in a private room, we have a system equipped with Dragon NaturallySpeaking as well as the OpenBook Scan and Read System. These are speech softwares designed to help those with hearing disabilities. This system is also equipped with all the same adaptive technology and software as the lab computers.

Adaptive Technology
We have an on-site display of adaptive technology, which includes many useful items available for you to use including:Digital Magnifiers and CCTV

  • CCTVs
  • Magnifiers
  • Refreshable braille display
  • PEARL document camera (part of the OpenBook Scan and Read system)
  • Single-sided braille embosser (create braille documents for free).
If you would like to use any of this technology, you are welcome to visit LVPD at 4845 Airline Rd. For more information please contact the LVPD.