Seed Library

What is a seed library?

seed library

Ideally, a seed library is a self-perpetuating collection of seeds. This means it is sustained by donations of seeds that are carefully grown and saved for their flavor, productivity or hardiness. Seed libraries aren’t just a great source of free seeds for your garden - they protect plants, feed people and sustain our environment. 

Looking to grow your own garden?  We offer free seeds for your convenience and enjoyment! But please remember what you planted for seed saving in the fall, because we can only reach that ideal seed library with your help!  


Patrons with a Muskegon Area District Library Card may “check out” seed packets from the library. We encourage you to collect and donate seeds in the fall.  Download a copy of our seed library brochure here.  Download our seed library donation form here.  Seed donations can be mailed to 1522 Ruddiman Dr, N Muskegon MI 49445.  

In response to the State of Michigan's Self Isolation Executive Order, this year you can request seeds from the MADL Seed Library and have them mailed to you, or you can choose to pick up your seeds from curbside.  To participate, fill out the request form below and we will be mailing the seeds to you. Due to the limited stock of seeds, we will be limiting seeds to five per address. We also ask that you pick five different types of seeds. 

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Why save seeds?

Growing and saving the seeds of plants offers a stronger and more diverse set of plants that are well-suited to Michigan’s climate. This means they can survive diseases, bad weather and more.  They can also support a healthy ecosystem by feeding pollinators like bees and birds. Plus, growing your own food is fun and delicious!

Find out how easy it is to save the seeds you borrow:


Here are some resources to help you get started growing your seeds:

If you are a beginning gardener, don’t worry about saving seeds. Select what you are interested in growing and focus on learning how to garden. The seed saving part will come later.


Thank you to our seed donors and sponsors: