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Are you interested in partnering with the Muskegon Area District Library to bring the bookmobile to your area?  We're excited to partner with different organizations across Muskegon County, so please make sure your space can provide the accommodations necessary for a Bookmobile visit.  

  • Large enough space to park the Bookmobile and provide easy access for patrons - 45ft long and 15 ft wide.
  • An easily navigable route for Bookmobile to enter and exit its parking space.
  • Ample outdoor lighting.
  • Unobstructed, safe access to a public bathroom.

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 This Location has (please select all that apply):  
  45ft by 15ft space
(approximately 5 parking spots by 3 parking spots)
  a straightforward route for the bus to enter and exit
  parking for visitors
  ADA required accessibility
  safe and unobstructed access to public restroom
  ample outdoor lighting
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  Community Board
  Social Media
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