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MADL is proud to offer a menu of options for getting books into your hands or onto your electronic reading device. Our pages offer listings of our newest books, reading suggestions and recommendations, book club ideas and online resources for conducting your research, and downloading music and ebooks. With all that's available to you online through MADL, you might never have to step into the library again. Even so, a personal visit to one of our branches will give you the pleasure of browsing the traditional way through our vast collections. We hope you visit often!

Verizon Hotspot
HotspotsWe continue to embrace new technology to improve digital access to our patrons. One of our newest services is Wi-Fi hotspots. This portable device can be used to create a wireless network and connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet. Hotspots are available for checkout at all MADL branches. Hotspots can be checked out for up to 21 days at a time. Check our Catalog for availability.

launchpad tablet

Playaway LaunchpadsPlayaway Launchpads are pre-loaded with learning apps and games for kids, teens, and adults. There is no download time and no need for Wi-Fi.  Access to powerful content is as simple as turning on the device anytime anywhere. Launchpads are available at all MADL branches and can be checked out for up to 14 days at a time. Check our catalog for availability.


Seed LibraryA seed library is a self-perpetuating collection of seeds. This means it is sustained by donations of seeds that are carefully grown and saved for their flavor, productivity or hardiness.  Patrons with a Muskegon Area District Library Card may “check out” seed packets from the library. Returning seeds in the fall is not required but is encouraged for plants that are considered easy to save seeds from.  Learn more about what seeds are available and how to participate.  
video games

Video GamesVideo games are now available for patrons and include various genres like action-adventure, racing, role-playing games and more. Video games are available for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Games provide stories and information as they entertain and educate and provide another media source for patrons to enjoy. Check our catalog for available titles.
Vox Books-Stacked-4c
Vox BooksVOX Books are books that provide full professional audio narration using a unique audio reader attached to the book. Studies have shown that VOX books users improve their reading comprehension by 75% and improve their reading accuracy by over 50%. Check our catalog for availability.