Muskegon Area District Library, previously known as Muskegon County Library, was formed in 2006 as a result of the millage campaign

MADL serves 20 local governmental units throughout Muskegon County; the residents of which are taxed 1.249 mills. Although everyone in Muskegon County is welcome to use all of the MADL branches, the millage does not include residents of the City of Muskegon and Muskegon Public School District, which are served by Hackley Public Library; and the City of Whitehall and the Whitehall Public School District, which are served by White Lake Community Library.

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1923: Ravenna Township library begins operation.

1925: Muskegon Board of Education opens a branch of the Hackley Public Library in Muskegon Heights. 

 1932: Muskegon Heights branch closes. 

 1936: Muskegon County School Library created.

 1938: Muskegon County Library founded. James TenBrink is chairman of the library board. Letha Eklund of the federal Works Progress Administration provides direction. Fruitport, Holton branches founded. 

 1939: Reading station set up at Montague City Hall. 

 1940: First bookmobile begins operation. 

 1942: Mary B. Kenan hired as Director; she is the first professional librarian on staff. Muskegon Heights and Ruddiman Terrace branches founded. 

 1943: First North Muskegon branch opens. 

 1944: Casnovia, Montague branches open. 

 1947: Catherine Wilson becomes Director. First North Muskegon branch closes. 

 1959: Dalton branch opens. 

 1961: North Muskegon branch opens in North Muskegon High School.

 1964: New Fruitport branch building built. 

 1966: Warren McFerran becomes Director. 

 1967: Egelston branch opens. Ruddiman Terrace branch closes. Muskegon Heights branch moves to its current location. 

 1969: North Muskegon Walker Memorial Library opens at its current location.

 1970: Montague branch moves to its current location. 

 1972: Ravenna branch moves to its current location. 

 1974: Norton Shores branch opens. 

 1976: Casnovia branch closes. 

 1979: Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, now the Library for the Visually and Physically Disabled, opens. 

 1985: New Holton branch building built. 

 1988: Elizabeth Winsche becomes Director. 

 2006: Muskegon Area District Library organized as a separate unit of government. Voters approve a 10-year, 0.749 mills proposal to fund the library. 

 2007: Steve Dix becomes Director. 

 2008: Muskegon Township branch opens. 

 2015: Kelly Richards becomes Director.

 2016: Fruitport Township and Village of Fruitport vote to withdraw from MADL. 

 2016: Voters approve a 10-year, 1.249 mills proposal for renewal of the existing millage and an additional 0.5 mills for increased hours and services.

 2018: The Library for the Visually and Physically Disabled opens its new location nextdoor to the Administration building.

fruitport branch library
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Muskegon Heights Branch
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